December 13, 2023    6:01 PM MST
The End for BuzzIn Studios... Part II

After a significant amount of thought and consideration over the last several months, and with input from close friends and allies, I regret to inform all of you that BuzzIn will be coming to an end… sound familiar? That’s because I wrote a similar post back in April, outlining the reasons why I was going to shutter all BuzzIn operations. But after receiving a lot of support from a lot of people, I began to reconsider the shutdown, and went as far as to announce that too. Unfortunately, after much consideration, BuzzIn Studios will not be returning.

Many of the original points I made still apply here. I’m not getting any younger, and I have prioritized BuzzIn and the online game show scene over my own quality of life for far too long. BuzzIn has been around for five years. That’s a lot of shows, a lot of players, and a lot of effort, for something that has very little return. BuzzIn is not doing anything to advance my life, and is not a realistic choice for a career. I still do not see BuzzIn as a failure. We changed the online game show scene for the better in numerous ways, bringing a significantly higher quality to our productions than those of competing communities.

Since the original shutdown announcement, we only held one or two further BuzzIn events in other communities, but those will be coming to an end as well. When time permits, I’ll still be working through our archives to see what else I can upload to YouTube, but we will not be producing any new content for BuzzIn beginning in 2024.

We will be bidding farewell to BuzzIn with two final Deal or No Deal shows in December. These two Deal or No Deal shows will raise the stakes higher than they have ever been, and we’d like to encourage our community and our fans to attend these shows in person.

Thank you to everyone who has supported BuzzIn for the last five years, attended our shows, and become part of our community. For those of you who would like to continue to follow my work beyond BuzzIn Studios, feel free to connect with me at my website (



We’d like to award Special Thanks to the following individuals (in no particular order):

Braden Dees • Edwin Rijkee • Ash • Jsach • Wiley • Arynnia • Yafet • Oliver Booth • Turd Ferguson • Travis Coulter • GMNPrime • devdev • Kyle Hirshon • Christian Dixie • Brandon Scruggs • Jose Cazarez • Patrick Murphy • Max Thomas • Brian Henegar • Squid • ajvan055 • Alister Brenton • Sheldon Lewis II • FanGamer • Jessica Brand • Goshenta • Bach Zhaa • Tim0n • Reid Beer • Cory Lawrence • Danny Louis • Jennifer Quail • Jason Zuffranieri • Colby Burnett • Joe Trela • Kyle Serra • Dino Alexander • Tommy Zulewski • Muffy Marracco • Sam Murray • RegisFan • FinalAnswer19 • Davira Kuy • Hunter Dillon • graystripe • cassadaga • TOF Studios • Novalis Entertainment • Game Show Emporium • MVG Productions • Millionaire Fans • and the rest of our viewers and fans.

Thank you for watching BuzzIn.