mark webb

The 24-Hour Game Show Marathon raises money for Child's Play by performing a giant game show game night with friends and loved ones.
May 27
9:51 AM
I've had my Pixel 7a for a little over a week and I am very happy with it. Hell, it's so nice to have a working camera again.
May 25
12:39 PM
New phone get! After four years on iPhone, I've moved back to Android with the Google Pixel 7a. Very happy with it.
May 19
9:22 PM
This was kind of wild to see. I'm a little sad that my stuff didn't seem to load correctly for him. Still a better video than when Vinesauce visited.
May 17
8:15 AM
Twitter-style posts! Took a few hours to make this work, but I think it'll be easier than writing full blog entries.
May 14
9:51 PM
First time I've ever bought a Zelda game on day one. Thank you Ash for introducing me to Breath of the Wild.
May 12
8:22 AM

Tower of Terror: System Purge

In this adventure inspired by TRON: Legacy, riders are digitized into The Grid, the system that powers the Tower of Terror simulation and The Hollywood Tower Hotel itself, to eliminate glitches that threaten the system’s stability. After riders eliminate as many glitches as they can, The Grid reboots and sends them on a thrilling speed run through the hallways of The Hollywood Tower Hotel, as power is fully restored for the first time in decades. With time running out, riders are whisked back to the real world in a high-stakes finale.

Tower of Terror: System Purge

Tower of Terror: System Purge is an on-rails shooter attraction developed exclusively for Virtual Paradise, part of the fourteenth generation of the Tower of Terror series of attractions. It is the second attempt at creating an attraction set in the world of TRON, following the original attempt at TRON Lightcycle Power Run in 2017.

Active Development

Check back often to see new progress on Tower of Terror: System Purge.