The Retreat

The Retreat is a long-term smart housing project that I have been developing for Virtual Paradise. Many citizens in both ActiveWorlds and Virtual Paradise build houses for themselves, but I never did, and after 15+ years in ActiveWorlds and 7+ years in Virtual Paradise, I decided it was time to take everything I've learned and accomplished and put it towards designing the ultimate virtual house.

The result is a modern six story masterpiece, with elements of biophilic design throughout. It comes with two basement levels, all accessible from an elevator located in the center of the complex. Features of The Retreat include an outdoor stage, exercise room, cinema, fire pit, housewide stereo system, and a subterranean monorail connecting the main complex, a helipad, the guest house, and a boat dock with a nearby lighthouse.

Access to some of The Retreat's main complex is available for guests, but those with a house account can be granted permission to access additional rooms and features. There are three levels of permissions available: House Guest, House Regular, and House Resident.