Google Play Privacy Policy

None of my apps on the Google Play Store use or store your personal information or information about your device that can be used to personally identify you. Simply put, I don’t care enough to want to know everything about you or how you use your devices. I also choose not to run any advertising whatsoever in my apps.

My apps do collect a limited amount of device data, such as your device IDs, crash logs, and diagnostics information, but none of this information is personally identifiable.

Some of my older apps may ask for permissions that are unnecessary. This is a limitation of the platform that was used at the time to build the app, and none of my apps actually use permissions that can be used to personally identify you or determine how you use your devices outside of my apps. In most, if not all cases, these are false positives.

For purposes of data transparency, I have used either the Thunkable platform or the Kodular platform to build all of my apps after January 2019. Prior to January 2019, I used the MIT App Inventor to build.

None of the data collected is sold or shared with outside parties.

May 12, 2024