mark webb

The 24-Hour Game Show Marathon raises money for Child's Play by performing a giant game show game night with friends and loved ones.
May 27
9:51 AM
I've had my Pixel 7a for a little over a week and I am very happy with it. Hell, it's so nice to have a working camera again.
May 25
12:39 PM
New phone get! After four years on iPhone, I've moved back to Android with the Google Pixel 7a. Very happy with it.
May 19
9:22 PM
This was kind of wild to see. I'm a little sad that my stuff didn't seem to load correctly for him. Still a better video than when Vinesauce visited.
May 17
8:15 AM
Twitter-style posts! Took a few hours to make this work, but I think it'll be easier than writing full blog entries.
May 14
9:51 PM
First time I've ever bought a Zelda game on day one. Thank you Ash for introducing me to Breath of the Wild.
May 12
8:22 AM

Watching Twitter shoot itself time and time again over the last few months has been very entertaining, but it certainly feels like cutting off API access for the most popular third-party apps might be the final straw. It was easy to think it was a bug at first, but this feels more and more intentional with each passing minute. I just hope this doesn’t also break Sign In With Twitter buttons, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it did.

January 13, 2023    10:08pm PST
January 13, 2023