Rest in Peace, Bob.
Aug 26
10:58 AM
I honestly did not have “Death of Twitter” on my 2023 bingo card. You have to be really stupid to abandon one of the most recognizable brands in the world in favor of a letter of the alphabet.
Jul 30
9:34 AM
Secretly hoping that one of the idiots setting off fireworks tonight lose one or more fingers.
Jul 03
9:16 PM

Before, I’d tweet into the void and now I’ll be blogging into the void. I’ve finally decided to lock up my Twitter account and stop using it as much as I can. After the journalist purge of December 2022 and Muskrat’s skewed definition of “free speech”, it’s not a platform I want to actively be part of any longer.

You can now find my occasional thoughts and questionable words of wisdom here on or on my Mastodon account, which you’ll find in the sidebar or at

So long Twitter, and thanks for all the fish.

December 16, 2022    12:02pm PST
December 16, 2022